Our Core Values


Within every organization there are a set of rules, guidelines, or principles which undergird everything they do.  These Core Values are what give meaning to there actions and provide purpose and direction for the entire organization as a whole.


At Big G Tech Support, we have four primary Core Values that undergird our organization.  These Core Values apply across the board and we ever endeavor to ensure that they are properly communicated.  We're excited to share them with you.


We are Euthusiatic, Energetic, Tenancious, and Competitive: 


  • About what we do, know, and how we operate. 
  • About being a valued long-term partner with our customers
  • About building, supporting, and protecting our customers organization


We Do The Right Thing:


  • Integrity is more than just honesty.  It is soundness of the person or their character, and we're an organization with character [and full of character!].
  • "Customer Service is WHAT you do when things go right, but it's WHO you are when they go wrong."


We Service Our Customer Above All Else:


  • Our goal is to provide the results our customers need and want.
  • We make things right regardless of who, how, when, where, what, or why they went wrong.


We Win:


  • In every situation; our goal is to win for our customers.
  • Our customers have a "Win" experience everytime with us
  • Our customers recognize they "Win" move because of us then without us.


These are our guiding principles; our core values.  Contact us today to begin experiencing them with our many other customers who have as well.

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